Voracious & Voluptuous Pinup and Sequence Pack

With over 90 images of vore. This pack contains 35 pinups, a 15 page comic featuring a a very hungry elf queen and her hapless guide. and a 40 page sequential comic where a woman is determined to get herself a bigger body, whatever it takes. With an epilogue showing her progress into a large and in charge giantess.

A 42mb Pdf file with 90 images of vore


A 15 page sequential comic with F/F, burping, Same-Size Vore, burping

And a 40 sequential comic with F/FFF, Same-Size Vore, burping

Same-Size Vore, Mini gts vore, weight gain, Height growth

And seven 5 image vore pinup sets.

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41.54MB PDF Download

USD 5.00 1

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