Vore Variety Pack 2 - Sequential Vore

A 45 Image pack featuring six vore sequences and six standalone vore images. With thin to thicc preds, innocent to sassy and intimidating. 

A 45 image pdf containing six same size vore sequences and six standalone images.

The Six Sequences are in order of appearance:

A Ravenous Run (7 Images)

F/M, Oral Vore, Muscular Pred

A Delicious Trap (12 Images)

F/F, burping

An Employers Hunger (5 Images)

F/multiple, burping

The Assassins Appetite (5 images)

BBW Pred, F/multiple,

A Mid Workout Meal (5 Images)

BBW Pred, Implied Mass Vore, F/Multiple

Don't Mess with a Maid (5 images)

F/multiple, bursting clothes, Sassy pred

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16.15MB PDF Download

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